Sculptra: Youthful Volume, Minimal Downtime

By adding volume to the cheek area, temples, lower face, or areas where the skin has wrinkled, Sculptra in Friendswood helps restore a youthful, smooth look by working from the inside out. The procedure is non-invasive, and downtime is minimal.

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Are You Ready to Do Something About Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

With age, our skin loses some of its elasticity and firmness, and we notice wrinkles and fine lines. We also naturally lose some of the fatty tissue in our faces, which again makes the skin looser. This is partially due to a loss of collagen, the protein that gives our skin its elasticity and plumpness and keeps it firm and supple. By the age of 45, we have lost up to 25% of our collagen. Sculptra works by stimulating natural collagen production, resulting in a gradual improvement in skin firmness and texture.

Get Gradual Results That Look Natural Expect Compliments!

One of the most significant benefits of Sculptra is that your results are not drastic but appear naturally over time. Your skin will simply slowly improve and rebuild lost collagen for renewed plumpness and fullness. Your skin will look younger and firmer and will gradually become smoother and more supple.

Sculptra can be used to:

  • Add fullness to the cheeks (whether you have lost volume due to aging, weight loss, or illness)
  • Minimize laugh lines
  • Smooth wrinkles around the chin
  • Soften the appearance of bony parts of your face
  • Fill in hollow areas such as the temples
  • Improve the look of saggy jowls

Enjoy the Superior Results

of Sculptra Right Here in Houston, Texas

At Banerji Plastic Surgery, we offer many different lines of dermal fillers. Fillers are formulated in different ways, making each of them particularly suitable for specific patients with unique problems and aesthetic goals. Dr. Banerji and his cosmetic injector, Donna Bateson, will help you choose the best filler for your treatment. Sculptra in Friendswood may be the right choice for you if you:

  • Want firmer, smoother skin with a youthful glow
  • Want results without looking like you have had work done
  • Are willing to wait while your results gradually develop
  • Are looking for long-lasting results
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What is a Treatment with Sculptra Like to Experience?

Sculptra treatments are performed with delicate precision to achieve the most natural results. Donna, your cosmetic injector, will apply a local anesthetic to minimize any pain or discomfort.

The Sculptra formula also includes a numbing agent and is not difficult to experience.

Dr. Banerji and Donna will inject your Sculptra filler using a small needle, and the entire procedure typically takes 30 to 45 minutes. You should be able to return to your usual activities immediately with no downtime required. Most patients choose to receive three injections over the course of about three months. This allows for a subtle, gradual change that lasts for a long time.

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When Can I Expect to See Results?

You may not see improvements initially but be patient. In a few weeks, you should notice improvements as your body's skin produces more collagen. Most patients see full results after about two months. As your body is doing most of the work, results are gradual, but they also last longer. The effects of Sculptra in Friendswood last longer than most other fillers, with the smoothing, lifting, and rejuvenating effect continuing for up to two years.

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Dr. Banerji is Here to Help You Achieve a Happier, More Confident Life

Dr. Banerji is a young and talented board-certified plastic surgeon who is passionate about helping you achieve your goals. The entire team at Banerji Plastic Surgery is warm, approachable, and never intimidating. Dr. Banerji is known for his world-class surgical skills, and he achieves results with non-invasive procedures that were once only possible with surgery.

Donna Bateson, a highly skilled practitioner trained under the guidance of Dr. Banerji, possesses extensive expertise in all the aesthetic treatments she offers. Take the first step towards enhancing your beauty by calling today to schedule your initial consultation.

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