Sculpted Arms: Liposuction and BodyTite Solutions

If your skin has retained its resiliency, your upper arms can be tightened by removing excess fat with advanced liposuction combined with BodyTite skin tightening. A surgical arm lift, or traditional Brachioplasty might be the ideal approach for more extreme sagging skin and tissue.

Traditional Arm Lift

In many cases, the loose skin and fat extend lower on the arm to the elbow. To recontour the arms, a traditional arm lift from the elbow to the armpit is necessary. Dr. Banerji focuses on optimizing the location of the scar so that it is not visible from the front or the back with the arm down by the side, making it as thin and flat as possible.

Mini Arm Lift

For many individuals, a mini arm lift may be the right approach. Firm, elegant upper arms that reveal the muscle structure look attractive in sleeveless tops, swimsuits, and other revealing clothing.  If loose skin and fat appear mainly at the upper arm region, a mini arm lift can be performed, with the scar hidden in the underarm.

Arm Contouring After Weight Loss

In cases of massive weight loss, excess skin and fat can be present in the underarms and upper back. For full contouring, an extended Brachioplasty from the elbow to the underarm and down the side of the chest can produce the best result. This allows for maximum contouring with the trade-off of a longer scar. Liposuction is typically combined with our custom arm contouring techniques to remove excess fat.

BodyTite Arm Lift: A New Approach to Arm Contouring

If you want to reshape your arms but want to avoid surgery, a relatively new option for skin contouring can be performed with the BodyTite system.  Small incisions allow for the removal of excess fat with liposuction and provide an access point for the BodyTite probe to be inserted.  BodyTite delivers energy to the skin and deeper tissues.  In response to the heat and energy, the skin and tissues shrink and contract, creating a contour that was once only possible with arm lift surgery.  BodyTite can be performed awake with local anesthesia only (or with sedation if preferred) and has minimal downtime.

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How much does an arm lift cost?

Am I a candidate for an arm lift?

What is the recovery time?

How much does an arm lift cost?

An arm lift varies in cost, based on the extent of the procedure, and can range from $4500-$8500 depending on the technique.

Am I a candidate for an arm lift?

If you have concerns about the size or shape of your arms, particularly due to age or weight loss, you may be a candidate for brachioplasty or arm contouring. You should be at or near your desired weight, with your weight stable for three months. Smokers are counseled to quit at least six weeks before and after surgery. You should be in good general health and fully understand the procedure and the results you can expect.

What is the recovery time?

Arm contouring is an outpatient procedure. Liposuction and BodyTite have a short recovery time, with most patients able to return to work in two to three days and full activity in two to four weeks. Patients often return to work in three to seven days, with full activity in six to eight weeks. You will need to wear a medical compression sleeve for six weeks to control swelling.

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