Advanced Tummy Tuck Surgery for a Firm and Sculpted Look

Dr. Banerji focuses on achieving a firm, sculpted look and performing tummy tuck surgery with the most advanced techniques. The surgery treats any of the following aesthetic problems affecting the abdomen:

  • Bulging tummy
  • Excess fat and loose tissue on the abdomen
  • Stretch marks on the lower abdomen
  • Diastasis recti (abdominal muscles appear split)
  • Weakened abdominal muscles
  • Hanging skin on the abdomen remaining after pregnancy or weight loss
  • Abdominal wall hernia
  • Repairing unsightly surgical scars
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The Tummy Tuck

Surgery, Step By Step

The surgical techniques used in your custom abdominoplasty in League City, Friendswood & Webster, TX, will reflect your individual condition. Every person is different, and your surgical plan will be crafted specifically for you.

A general overview of the surgery begins with removing excess skin below and often above your belly button. The excess skin is trimmed away, and the remaining skin is smoothed and tightened. This also has the added benefit of providing a lift for women in the mons pubis region to give them a more youthful look. The abdominal muscles often contribute to a bulging tummy due to stretching of the fascia, a fibrous layer of tissue covering the muscles. The muscles are brought back together and secured with sutures to flatten and reshape the abdomen. Lastly, a new opening is created to relocate the belly button for a rejuvenated appearance.

Your Journey to a Taut, Firm Abdomen: How Long Will it Take to See the Results?

Abdominoplasty is generally performed as a “day” surgery, and in most cases, you can return home the same day as the procedure. You should plan to leave under the care of another adult, who should stay with you for the first day or two to help you with simple tasks that are more difficult in the early stages of healing. Any pain or discomfort will be managed with prescription pain medication. Take all prescriptions as directed, and take all the time you need to rest and recover – once your recovery is complete, which may take four to six weeks.

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Added Treatments to Sculpt Your Body During a Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty in League City, Friendswood, Webster, & Clear Lake, TX, may include liposuction to remove excess fat on the love handles and waist to create a superior result.

Tummy Tuck Before & After

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Tummy Tuck Scars

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that requires incisions, which leave scars. The size and shape of the scars vary person-to-person, reflecting how much excess skin and fat need to be removed. The incisions are carefully placed low on the abdomen, not visible when wearing underwear or a low bikini bathing suit bottom. The incision line extends hip to hip. If there is an existing C-section scar, the abdominoplasty scar will be placed to remove the C-section scar tissue.

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Mini Tummy Tuck

A mini tummy tuck is a less invasive procedure performed on patients who have areas of the abdomen that need correction and tightening below the belly button. The basic surgical procedure is the same, but less correction is needed, there is no need to relocate the belly button structure, and the incision is shorter. This procedure has been given the name “mini tummy tuck.”

The procedure addresses excess loose skin and tissue on the lower abdomen without the extensive repair of the underlying muscle structure. Dr. Banerji performs both a traditional and mini tummy tuck with the most advanced techniques to limit scarring and produce the most attractive outcome.

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Your Recovery - The Rules

You will be encouraged to walk the same day (with help) and to try and sit in a chair as much as possible rather than just lying down. The more you move around, although carefully, the faster you will heal, as physical activity helps with your circulation, which will carry away the excess fluids normal after surgery and bring the incisions the nutrients needed to heal.

You should feel well enough to return to work in ten to fourteen days and be able to resume full activity in about six weeks. The first phase of healing is the most challenging, and you will have pain medication to keep you comfortable. Dr. Banerji and his helpful, caring staff will be monitoring you through your recovery and will see you several times in follow-up appointments.

Meet with Us About a Tummy Tuck in Houston

To learn more about our tummy tuck procedures or other body contouring procedures, reach out to us to schedule a convenient time for a personal, private consultation. If you are planning to undergo a tummy tuck, you want to ensure you are under the care of a talented, caring, board-certified plastic surgeon who has extensive experience and has mastered the most advanced techniques. You will find the team at Banerji Plastic Surgery to offer an outstanding level of personal care from start to finish and surgical results that are exceptionally smooth, firm, and natural.

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