Buccal Fat Pad Removal in Houston for a Slimmer Facial Profile

A round face can become leaner and more sculpted with a surgery that requires only about an hour to complete. The process involves a short incision created within your mouth, through which the fat pad is removed. You will have no visible scars after the surgery, reshaping your facial structure in a subtle but dramatic way.

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Meet with Dr. Banerji in Houston

Dr. Banerji will evaluate your facial structure and advise you whether this procedure is appropriate for you. Good candidates for this facial reshaping surgery have inherited a rounded facial structure as a result of larger natural fat pads. Buccal fat removal is an in-office procedure that involves injecting a local anesthetic, placing a short incision inside your cheek, removing the fat pad, and then closing the incision with dissolvable stitches.

What is the Recovery Like?

You may experience mild soreness and some swelling after your buccal fat removal surgery in Friendswood. To protect the incisions and allow for fast healing, you will eat only soft foods for the first few days and must avoid eating any crunchy or harder foods.

Applying ice packs can help reduce swelling, and any discomfort is easily controlled with prescription pain medication.

You will need to sleep with your head elevated on a wedge or extra pillows for several nights. The swelling slowly diminishes as you heal, with your face appearing slimmer and more contoured and improving over time. Most patients can return to their usual activities in about a week but must continue to avoid strenuous physical activities until the incisions are fully healed, which takes about two weeks.

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Cheek Reduction – The Benefits

If you have inherited a rounded facial structure through your family line, you have likely been unable to slim your face with any diet and exercise. Resculpting and refining your facial look can give you a leaner, V-shaped facial structure. Our patients enjoy several benefits after facial contouring with buccal fat pad removal:

  • A more chiseled, structured facial appearance
  • Enhanced facial definition
  • A slimmer facial balance
  • A more sculpted, less round face
  • Cheekbones can become more prominent
  • Excess facial fat reduced

Why Choose Banerji Plastic Surgery for Buccal Fat Pad Removal?

Dr. Banerji is a young, talented, board-certified plastic surgeon with outstanding surgical skills and a reputation for excellence in plastic surgery. He and his friendly, helpful team are focused on helping people live happier, more confident lives by performing aesthetic treatments, both surgical and non-surgical. You will discover a unique environment of warmth, understanding, and care, delivered by a team of professionals that are approachable, warm, and never intimidating. Dr. Banerji is a “next-generation” plastic surgeon who brings the latest surgical techniques to every procedure for superior results.

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Will the fat return?

Can I change the look of a babyface?

Will the fat return?

Once the buccal fat is removed, it will not return. Even if your weight fluctuates, your cheeks will remain more slender and defined.

Can I change the look of a babyface?

When you are under the care of Dr. Banerji, he takes all the time necessary to evaluate your facial structure, answer your questions, and speak with you about the procedures that could enhance your facial balance. Every treatment is 100 percent customized for the individual. For example, your treatment may include buccal fat removal, or you may choose to undergo additional procedures such as jawline contouring, chin augmentation, or other facial sculpting procedure.

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