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Are You Considering Breast Augmentation?

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Like other plastic surgeries, breast augmentation in League City & Friendswood has advanced over time. Dr. Banerji is a next-generation plastic surgeon who employs the most advanced surgical techniques to create breasts with a very natural bounce and weight with the ideal width, projection, and volume for your frame. When under the care of our team at Banerji Plastic Surgery, you can expect balanced, natural, and stunning results.

Silicone or Saline? What Type of Implant is Right for You?

There are several options when it comes to choosing breast implants. We take the time during our consultations to listen to your personal aesthetic goals to personalize the process. You have two general choices: silicone or saline. Silicone implants more closely mimic the weight of natural breast tissue, while saline implants require a shorter incision.

Silicone Implants

Silicone gel has been used in breast implants for over 50 years and is used to manufacture 4th and 5th-generation implants, available in a cohesive or highly cohesive gel. The current generation of implants also allows for customizing the cohesiveness of the gel, which can change the appearance and feel, reflecting your personal preference.

The Advantages of Silicone Implants

Advantages of silicone implants are a more natural feel and less risk of rippling. They are available in a vast range of sizes, widths, and levels of projection.

Saline Implants

Saline (saltwater) is natural in that our bodies are mostly water. If an implant ruptures, the saline is absorbed into the body safely. Saline implants require a shorter incision, as they are filled after placement. These implants are usually best for women with a larger quantity of natural breast tissue.

What are the disadvantages of saline implants?

Saline implants have a higher risk of rippling, a condition in which the folds on the implant shell become visible under the skin's surface. Saline implants also have a slightly less natural feel when compared to silicone.

Generally, most women choose silicone implants as they look and feel more natural in weight, softness, and bounce.

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Breast Augmentation with Natural Fat Transfer

You also have the option to subtly increase the size of your breasts with natural fat transfer. This procedure has the advantage of being entirely natural and increasing your breast volume by about one cup size.

Breast Augmentation Before & After Photos

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Breast Augmentation Before & After Photos

Dr. Banerji and the staff are absolutely amazing! Not only does Dr. Banerji do great work, but he also has an amazing bedside manner! He was candid when responding to my various questions about my procedure and provided me with all the knowledge I needed to make an informed decision! I felt very at ease with him and his staff! Special shout out to Ashley; girl, you are such an asset to that office! She is so full of knowledge and will make you feel so comfortable every step of the way! If you are looking to get a cosmetic procedure done, look no further; this is the dream team!

Lymari R.

Choosing the Right Implant for Your Body

What’s the Process?

When working with Dr. Banerji on your custom breast augmentation in League City & Friendswood, TX, you will be making several decisions:

  • Implant type: You will decide between silicone and saline. Dr. Banerji will discuss the pros and cons so you make an educated decision.
  • Implant volume: You will choose the implant volume that matches your aesthetic ideal. 
  • Implant profile: The profile refers to the projection of the implants, a choice between wider and flatter or narrower and fuller.

Some other options are available in the USA, including smooth or textured, round or anatomic (teardrop-shaped). Dr. Banerji, for reasons of health and safety, implants only smooth, round implants. These implants create beautiful results that appear natural, full, and plump.

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Your First Consultation

We will spend considerable time in your initial consultation, as well as in your preoperative visits, to help you choose the perfect size, shape, projection, and filler material. We will help determine the best implant based on your personal goals, measurements, images, and the ability to “try on” different breast implants to find the ideal size and shape. We are very experienced in breast augmentation and offer advice and guidance to ensure you choose implants that bring you confidence in all the years ahead.

Houston’s Premier Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Banerji

Dr. Banerji is both a talented League City, TX, breast augmentation surgeon and a warm, compassionate human being. You will feel comfortable and cared for throughout your journey, with a rare level of personalized care and attention throughout your journey to a more beautiful body. Every member of our team is committed to ensuring that your journey is empowering, positive, and a result that brings you confidence in all the years ahead.

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