Cases in Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation with silicone gel implants

March 1, 2021

Augmentation with Allergan SRF 485cc cohesive gel implants below the muscle. An implant can provide a small degree of lift to the breast and nipple as in this case. For more lift, a mastopexy with additional scars would be required.

Breast augmentation

February 4, 2021

37 year old woman who wanted to get larger breasts and round out the shape of her breasts. Under-the-muscle augmentation with cohesive-gel implants, full profile, 520cc

Breast augmentation – silicone

Twenty-eight year old woman requesting breast augmentation. Silicone gel implants underneath the muscle, 335cc full profile. Fullness and shape provided to the entire breast, especially at the bottom. Also able to upturn and reposition the nipple.

Breast augmentation – silicone

42 year old woman requesting breast augmentation. 520cc full-profile implants underneath the muscle. In addition to adding volume, this was also able to provide roundness and shape to the breasts.

Breast augmentation – silicone

February 1, 2021

31 year old woman requesting augmentation. Noted to have constricted breasts, with lack of volume in the bottom portion of the breasts. 485cc moderate profile cohesive gel implants used to provide fullness and shape.

Implant exchange

January 11, 2021

45 year old woman who requested to decrease implant size due to discomfort. Downsized 100cc from 465cc to 365cc. Internal capsule repair performed to tighten the pocket and avoid a mastopexy (breast lift).

Breast Augmentation

26 year old woman, augmentation with 415cc cohesive silicone gel, full profile implants

Mastopexy with augmentation

September 5, 2020

Low breasts with lack of volume and asymmetry, with a degree of constriction (tuberous). Vertical (“lollipop”) breast lift to reposition the breast and nipples as well as decrease the diameter of the areolas. Silicone gel augmentation to provide fullness and shape.

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