Lower Body Lift

Lower Body Lift

  The lower back or buttock lift is a powerful technique that can be performed alone or in combination with abdominoplasty.  The flanks, back, buttocks, and upper thighs can be lifted and shaped.  When performed in combination with an abdominoplasty, often after massive weight loss, an extreme transformation can be produced.

  Recently the “Brazilian Buttock Lift”, or BBL, has become popularized as it can produce excellent shape and rejuvenation of the buttocks without the long scars and recovery time.  However, patients with large amounts of skin excess or inadequate fat are not candidates for BBL.  Traditional techniques can manage large amounts of skin excess that develop after massive weight loss or with age, and can also provide volume by rearranging the existing soft tissues  


What is the cost of a lower body lift?

This procedure can range from $6000 to $10000 depending on the amount of skin being removed and lifted (more skin equates to more OR time), and if additional procedures such as liposuction or BodyTite are performed.

What is the recovery?

This can be performed as an outpatient surgery or with an overnight stay depending on the circumstances.  Most patients can return to work after 7-14 days, with full activity at 6-8 weeks.

Am I a candidate? 

First, you should consider if you have developed significant skin laxity of the back and buttocks due to age or massive weight loss.  Next you should be healthy enough to tolerate general anesthesia, and your weight should be stable for at least the past 3 months.  Lastly, if you use nicotine products of any sort you must abstain from all nicotine for 6 weeks before and after surgery.

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